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Tomato Season 3

Blue Hill could mean either Blue Hill at Stone Barns or Blue Hill Washington Square, two restaurants in New York that epitomize the philosophy of market cooking. Tonight’s meal was […]

for Appoggiatura, Arnie and Mark

Left to right: Sungold cherry tomatoes, assorted heirloom grape and cherry tomatoes, assorted heirloom tomatoes (Plum Yellow, San Marzano, Persimmon, Red Zebra) Tonight will be a mini tomato dinner. I […]

Tomato Season 2

Later in the week I want to do a two or three-course dinner featuring tomatoes. Oh, there’ll be other ingredients in the mix but tomatoes will be the main player […]

Confit 2

More like a quick confit like the last time. I had gotten a batch of grape tomatoes from Citarella the other day, in addition to some heirloom plum tomatoes. Serve […]

Fish Out of Water

Baked rainbow trout, with chopped tomatoes and parsley Trout, dusted with salt and pepper and drizzled with a bit of olive oil, sprinkled with chopped heirloom tomatoes, shallots and herbs […]

Salad + Soup

Chilled chard and sorrel soup, with crème fraiche — This soup is so easy I can make it with my eyes closed. Saute onion in unsalted butter, add chard and […]

Recession Specials 4b — Monday

Radish, tomato and red onion “bruschetta” Click here for a closeup shot. Radishes and red cippolini onions were roasted in a 350 F oven for 30 minutes, then combined with […]

Recession Specials 4a — Sunday

Thin spaghetti with caramelized onion, anchovies and herbs Click here for a closeup. Originally I was going to do sort of a tomato carbonara (Sungold tomatoes and chopped prosciutto with […]

Recession Specials 4

This week I’m imposing a special challenge on myself — no shopping until Friday (which is my next payday). It will be an extra difficult cooking challenge because some of […]

Potatoes 6

Potato tomato gratiné, green salad with simple viniagrette Click here for a closeup picture. Don’t be scared by the fancy name. 😉 A gratin is a culinary technique where a […]

In the Style of Toscana

Stufato di verdure alla Toscana Click here for a closeup of this picture. Stufato di verdure is a northern Italian vegetable stew common to Tuscany. This version was served with […]

Raw Food 2

Click here for a large-size version of this picture. What could be simpler: diced heirloom tomatoes (Japanese pear, Aunt Ruby, Sungold cherry tomatoes), mint, shallot, extra-virgin olive oil, kosher salt, […]

Two Salads

Left: Watermelon radish and Japanese cucumber salad with ginger viniagrette; right: warm arugula, corn and tomato salad

Commercial Break

A couple of weeks ago my computer failed after four years. Not bad for a Pentium D. My understanding is that the motherboard gave out. I’ve managed to pick up […]