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Afternoon Snack

Sorry I haven’t been posting much — been busy at work these past two weeks. Corn and tomato sauté, ricotta bruschetta Click here to view a large-size version of the […]

Rice and Beans

Well, not exactly. 😉 Fava bean and summer squash risotto with cow’s milk ricotta cheese and basil A larger version of the pic is here.

La Cuisine du Marché

With the exception of the shrimp and some pantry staples, every ingredient in tonight’s dinner was bought from local farmers’ markets. Even the white wine vinegar in the salad dressing. […]

Eggs on Toast 2

Eggs sunnyside-up, heirloom tomato and cucumber salad, toasted levain This is my newest favorite way to have breakfast — pan-fried eggs over salad and crispy toast. Ingredients vary, depending on […]

Midnight Snack 2

Roasted vegetables with ricotta salata and Italian parsley Japanese turnips, summer squash, new potatoes and cherry tomatoes tossed with a bit of salt and olive oil, then roasted at 350 […]

A Bowl of Cherries

I’m not much of a fruit person, otherwise I’d have bought some. At $4 a pint, they’re not cheap. This week’s Greenmarket haul: fromage blanc, cow’s milk ricotta, tomatoes, bread, […]

Raw Food

Well, raw, but not in the way you think. 😉 Spaghetti con salsa di pomodoro*, radish and sugar snap peas with ricotta salata and herbs *Otherwise known as “thin spaghetti […]


Polpetti, served with angel hair pasta, summer vegetables and herbs Outside of Italy, meatballs are most often served with spaghetti, but in Italy, they are presented quite differently. They make […]

Bread Salad 1

I had planned on making a tomato risotto tonight. Had a change of plan though and opted for panzanella instead. Tomato, cucumber and bread salad There are several famous Italian […]


Ricotta gnocchi with golden beets, summer squash and garlic According to Wikipedia, the word gnocchi means “lumps”, and may derive from nocchio (a knot in the wood), or from nocca […]

Two 20 Minute Meals

The most common excuse I hear when people say they’re not into cooking is “I don’t want to slave for hours on end in the kitchen just to make something […]

Saturation Point

We’ve been having so much rain lately, it’s starting to make me think I’m living in Seattle. Hmph. Radishes — Serve these thinly sliced, with bread, butter and a little […]

Greens 3

Spaghetti with cavolo nero, anchovy and garlic The sauce is a classical Italian treatment for greens. Make the sauce while the pasta cooks. Chop greens into a chiffonade. Heat olive […]

Why Vegetables Are Difficult

I’ve come to the conclusion that vegetables are more challenging than animal proteins, especially when it comes to creating interesting combinations. When you go to a high-end restaurant like Gramercy […]

Monkfish 2

Pan-seared monkfish with citrus olive salsa, cavolo nero with crimini mushrooms and garlic Monkfish fillets are briefly seared in a cast-iron skillet with olive oil and sea salt, then finished […]