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Greens 1

Japanese turnips I bought a whole mess of greens at USGM this weekend. Turnip greens, French breakfast radishes, radish greens, mustard greens and spinach. In addition, I have some leftover […]

Seafood 4

Brodetto di pesce, topped with homemade anchovy-garlic croutons This dish is known by a variety of names, for example “Italian-style fish stew” or “cioppino”. The ingredients are some variation of […]

Ramps and Ferns

By next week, ramps season will be gone until next spring. Get them while you can. Fiddlehead ferns run for about two weeks in most locales. The season usually begins […]

Gnocchi 2

This isn’t seasonal since tomatoes aren’t due for another four to six weeks unless you count the hydroponic greenhouse toms at USGM. I think you can cut me some slack […]

Seafood 3

Thanks to Eddie. I went with a variation on his earlier suggestion. Mussels steamed in Belgian beer and aromatics, served with sourdough bread and lemon In this case, the aromatics […]

Seafood 2

Not everything turns out to be a success at Chez Spamwise. A case in point was last night’s dinner…. Pan-roasted squid, served with fennel, orange and wild arugula salad I […]

Postcards from the Shire

This blog will have its three year anniversary in a little over six weeks so I thought I’d pull some of my favorite food photography in the intervening period. You […]

Leftovers 1

Chicken congee Toppings include: crispy chicken skin (inspired by the chicken buns served at Momofuku Noodle Bar), shredded leftover roast chicken, shallots and bacon fried in chicken fat, chopped scallions, […]

Seafood 1

Dinner Saturday night — Fettucine with fresh clams, wild arugula, green garlic and herbs I should add that the clams were likely caught either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, courtesy […]

May Flowers

Spring garden salad Roasted fingerling potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes, with fiddlehead ferns, wild asparagus, ramps, nasturtium flowers and a poached egg You can leave out the root vegetables if you […]

Menage a Trois

Only three pix today from the market today. My weekly haul: fresh pasta, clams, mussels, herbs, wild asparagus, fiddlehead ferns, potatoes (various kinds), butter and cheese. Have a lovely Saturday, […]

Momofuku Noodle Bar

Dinner at Momofuku Noodle Bar last night, after having seen Star Trek 11. Spicy potato chips Roasted asparagus, miso butter, soft-boiled egg, pine nuts The famous steamed pork buns Roasted […]

Finger Lickin’ Good

Roast chicken la Keller, pan-fried potatoes and watercress, au jus Thomas Keller’s recipe for mon poulet rĂ´ti is here. Leftovers will be turned into chicken salad and chicken congee. The […]

Some Puzzlement

Yesterday and the day before, there were 130 views. Today as of this writing, there are 61 views. Maybe people find a plate of pasta and asparagus less interesting than […]

Recession Specials 2

Clockwise from right: Linguine with anchovies, breadcrumbs and mint; asparagus in the style of Parma The neat thing about Italian food [and I mean real Italian as opposed to Italian-American] […]

Confidential to Mark

A loaf of sourdough bread from one of the bakery vendor stalls at USGM Since Mark wanted to know what this week’s menu was, here it is… This is all […]