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Momofuku Ko

Dried apricots, almonds, peanuts, nori, bacon House-made English muffin smeared with pork fat and garnished with chives 2006 Domaine Paul Blanck Pinot Gris, Alsace, France Fluke sashimi, toasted poppy seeds, […]

Winter Fatigue

I know the growing season in the New York metropolitan area isn’t as varied as say, that of San Francisco, but would it hurt for us to have something GREEN? […]

Economy of Style

The basis for the sauce for tonight’s dinner were pan drippings from last night’s broiled sausage. * * * Tagliatelle con sugo di carne e cippoline 3-4 reserved T. pan […]

…Worth A Thousand Words

Sun-dried tomato and chardonnay pork sausage from Flying Pigs Farm, served with roasted heirloom fingerling potatoes and shallots Sunday dinner. Now I know why I rarely make congee. It’s because […]

Mix and Match

Chicken congee. Toppings include: chopped scallions, minced cilantro, stir-fried Chinese pork sausage with preserved salted black beans and chili peppers, sesame oil, tamari, shredded roast chicken, pickled ginger, fresh kimchi. […]

Menu Changes

I’ve decided to plow through the leftovers in the fridge.  There’s a roast chicken carcass with my name on it.  I figure I’ll do pasta with leeks and cream for […]

La Signora Hazan

Gnocchi con sugo di pomodoro Recipe courtesy of Marcella Hazan: 2 cups canned tomatoes* 1 onion, cut in half 5 T. unsalted butter kosher salt, to taste Combine tomato, butter […]

James Joyce Says Hello

Bonus points to whomever gets the reference in the title of this post. No googling allowed. Roast chicken; green beans and potatoes, Istrian style Faglione e patate alla Istriana fingerling […]

Cooking 101

In a post below, Tater mentioned that “There comes a point where intuition takes over, and food is made better.” I agree with one caveat: that you need to have […]

On the Menu

This is what’s on the menu for this week… Sunday — Stewed Rancho Gordo beans with bacon and vegetables Monday — Roast chicken; green beans and fingerling potatoes, Istrian style […]


Apologies in advance for the quality of some of these photos. Redhead Gibson cocktail:  Plymouth gin, pickled cippolini onions, fresh pepper Smoked trout, pickled onions, sour cream, fried potato sticks […]

Dinner Improv

I have a limited number of cookbooks in my kitchen library. I rarely cook from recipes unless it’s something I’ve never attempted before. Once or twice is fine, after which […]

Beets, Glorious Beets

2 pm is roughly when I start thinking about what I want to have for dinner.  I typically have a late lunch in the office.  If I were working out, […]

Miracle Worker

I picked up a bunch of these beauties a couple of weeks ago at the Greenmarket.  People tell me they taste like dirt.  I love them. However, I want to […]


Today’s lunch is a riff on a Florentine specialty, ravioli con ricotta e spinaci (ravioli with ricotta and spinach). I don’t have enough space in my kitchen to make my […]