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Spring Dawning

Spent this morning having dim sum in Flushing, Queens, then went to get my bi-weekly haul at Union Square Greenmarket. Shrimp dumplings. Egg custard tarts. Shrimp pastries. Red cooked pork […]

Odds and Ends

I have a busy weekend ahead of me: dim sum tomorrow morning in Flushing, maybe a stroll afterwards similar to what Aaron did a while back; then a trip to […]

La Siciliana

A hearty combination with a typical Sicilian flavor profile — olives, anchovies, cauliflower and capers. Bucatini or pici can be substituted in place of fusilli. For this recipe, I used […]

Staying Put

After all the drama, all the apartments and various ads on Craigslist, I’ve decided to stay put. I kinda like my space even though the shower is temperamental, the smoke […]

In the Groove

Duck pate, pistachio and onion marmalade 2006 Pazo San Mauro Albariño Rias Baixas, Spain Veal cappellaci, sage, cauliflower, lemon butter sauce Black tagliatelle, lobster, chorizo, calamari, mussels Striped bass, crab, […]

From Debbie, With Love

I posted an ad on Craigslist to the effect of “37 y/o gay guy looking for 1 to 2 gay/gay-friendly roommates to share an apartment with. Can afford to pay […]


Big Eye tuna, honshimejji mushrooms, capers, vitello tonnato sauce Seared scallop, hen of the woods mushrooms, parsnip puree, caviar viniagrette Sweetbreads, pickled cauliflower, shallot marmalade Lamb pappardelle, tomato concasse, picholine […]

World Tong

Spent this morning having dim sum in Brooklyn… Steamed rice with Chinese sausage and gingko nuts Top: stewed tripe with turnip in curry sauce; bottom: tripe with vinegar, jalapeno pepper […]

The Modern at MoMA

Arctic char tartare, trout caviar, watercress 2006 Paul Blanck Riesling Classique, Alsace, France Parsnip and sunchoke puree, diver scallops, black truffles, chives Slow-poached egg in a mason jar, Maine lobster, […]

New York City Dining — 2007

This list was hard to think about, much less rank. That being said, I tried my damndest even though for some people, my palate is somewhat pedestrian. 😉 Cod, watermelon […]

Musical Fruit

Stewed cellini beans Rancho Gordo cellini beans onion, diced celery, diced carrot, peeled and diced bacon bacon drippings water Make a basic mirepoix: 1 part celery, 1 part carrot to […]

Weekend Vista

Yes, I know, it’s Thursday morning as I’m posting this. A selection of cheeses and condiments, bread and wine at Otto.  Not shown, though I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded:   […]

Beacon Kitchen Counter

“Smoky” kir royale Lobster fritters, saffron, tarragon, sherry vinegar dip Fennel amuse, herb butter, fleur de sel Wild mushroom pizza, red onion, basil Leffe Blonde Ale from Belgium Roasted oysters, […]

Simple Elegance

In classical Italian cuisine, osso buco (literally, “hole bone”) is a dish that hails from the city of Milan in northern Italy. It is traditionally made with veal shanks and […]

Catch of the Day

Ciuppin hails from the Liguria region of Italy, along the northwest coast. You might recognize it’s more famous American derivation, cioppino. Ciuppin is typically served with a piece of grilled […]