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Living Tree

Thanks to Joe’s post from last week, this is my newest song obsession. Watch the video. This is pure class. BeyoncĂ©, eat your heart out. I think I’m going to […]


The ceiling is decorated with thousands of bamboo sticks arranged in an undulating pattern that reminds you vaguely of the ocean. Interior shot. Fried clam bellies and oysters, tartar sauce. […]

A Hearth Retrospective

Spiked Luis Rivera cocktail: Navarro Gewurztraminer grape juice, rum, citrus fruits, mint. 2004 Kabinett Riesling Copper River salmon, market radishes, squash, sugar snap peas, gros sel. Pan seared rouget, opal […]

Pig Heaven

It only comes once a year. Tomorrow is the last day for the 2007 Big Apple BBQ Block Party. Hie thee hence if you’re able.

Hill Country

Hill Country is a Texas-style BBQ joint that’s the newest introduction to a budding barbecue restaurant scene in New York City. Here is a comprehensive preview courtesy of Off The […]


Chef Iacopo Falai, formerly of Le Cirque 2000, opened Falai in February 2005. The restaurant features authentic Italian cuisine with an ambitious scope generally not seen in the Lower East […]


Previous dinners at Hearth can be seen here and here. Chilled asparagus soup, chervil, peekytoe crab, croutons. 2006 Moschofilero, Mantinia, Tselepos, Greece Quail, slow poached quail egg, tomato confit, Portuguese […]


Chef Pichet Ong, formerly of RM, 66 and Spice Market, recently opened p*ong, a dessert focused restaurant featuring an intriguing array of offerings both sweet and savory. p*ong continues the […]

Technical difficulties

If you’ve been visiting the blog for the past hour you might have noticed a few different appearances. WordPress seems to be having hiccups and it’s becoming annoying such that […]