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In the Style of Toscana

Stufato di verdure alla Toscana Click here for a closeup of this picture. Stufato di verdure is a northern Italian vegetable stew common to Tuscany. This version was served with […]

Greens 2

Looks just like the broccoli rabe dish from a couple weeks ago, doesn’t it? You’d be wrong. Mustard greens braised in Belgian beer, with heirloom beans and bacon If you […]

Greens 1

Japanese turnips I bought a whole mess of greens at USGM this weekend. Turnip greens, French breakfast radishes, radish greens, mustard greens and spinach. In addition, I have some leftover […]

Recession Specials

When times get tough, the tough get cheap: Fettucine with roasted mushrooms, pine nuts and herbs wild mushrooms, sliced salt pepper olive oil 2 T. pine nuts, toasted handful of […]