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Salad Snapshot

I’m working on a post that talks about being “normal”. A little food for thought, maybe, especially this month when we celebrate what it means to be proud. In the […]
Salad Snapshot

Squid Stew

A few posts ago, Urspo wondered how to make squid tasty and not tough, as it’s wont to do if you cook it longer than three minutes. That’s the thing […]

Greens 2

Looks just like the broccoli rabe dish from a couple weeks ago, doesn’t it? You’d be wrong. Mustard greens braised in Belgian beer, with heirloom beans and bacon If you […]

Seafood 4

Brodetto di pesce, topped with homemade anchovy-garlic croutons This dish is known by a variety of names, for example “Italian-style fish stew” or “cioppino”. The ingredients are some variation of […]

Seafood 3

Thanks to Eddie. I went with a variation on his earlier suggestion. Mussels steamed in Belgian beer and aromatics, served with sourdough bread and lemon In this case, the aromatics […]


Can you identify the beers pictured below? No cheating or googling allowed. Sorry for the blurry pictures…on the other hand, maybe it’s a good thing they’re not clear. 🙂