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Breakfast Snapshots

Chanterelle mushroom omelette, micro greens and marigold flower salad, buttermilk biscuit A future post — probably this upcoming Saturday, if I get around to it — will talk about making […]
Breakfast Snapshots

Saturday Snapshot

Sorry for the drop-off in posting, as I haven’t been feeling well lately. Hopefully this pic will make up for some lost time. This was shot a couple of weekends […]

Breakfast Snapshot

Spring vegetables, poached wild turkey egg The vegetables consist of asparagus, morel mushrooms and French breakfast radishes. The morels were sautéed in unsalted butter; the asparagus and radishes were briefly […]

Sunday Snapshot

Tortilla de patatas; marinated green olives with thyme and parsley Adapted from this recipe at Smitten Kitchen. Ingredient quantities are slightly reduced from the instructions in Deb’s recipe; for example, […]

Monday Snapshot

Poached farm egg over pan-fried potatoes, tomatoes and spinach with Indian spices Click here for a high-resolution version of this picture.

Sunday Snapshot

Baked eggs with sourdough garlic-herb croutons, crimini mushrooms and heirloom carrots Click here to view a high-resolution version of this picture.

Saturday Snapshots

Scrambled eggs, with crème fraiche, lobster and lobster roe Click here and here to view high-resolution versions of these pictures. This was made using the double boiler method (which I […]

Sunday Snapshot

Ricotta cheese omelette, with fried LaRatte potatoes and heirloom tomatoes Click here to view a high-resolution version of this picture.

Sunday Snapshot

Roasted heirloom potatoes, cauliflower and shiitake mushrooms, paired with soft-cooked farm egg and pan de tomate Click here to view a large-size version of this picture. Pan de tomate (Spanish […]