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Starter Snapshots

Roasted Cauliflower “Bruschetta”, Spanish Chorizo Roasted cauliflower “bruschetta”: roasted cauliflower (cauliflower, sea salt, black pepper, olive oil), seasoned with fish sauce, lime juice, cayenne pepper and cilantro, over fried Italian […]
Starter Snapshots

Mediterranean Cauliflower Salad

Mediterranean cauliflower salad The recipe is a work in progress, which is why it’s not presented here in final form. This version contains steamed cauliflower which was then coarsely chopped […]

Thursday Snapshot

Penne with cauliflower, adapted from this Diner’s Journal blog post by Mark Bittman, a columnist at The New York Times. Ordinarily, I am not a fan of Mr. Bittman’s work […]

Sunday Snapshots

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to foodblog more often. I think you’ll agree that I’m off to a nice start. Sautéed fennel and cauliflower This is a delicious […]

Fennel and Shrimp for Dinner

If you’re just joining us, the premise behind The Spamwise Chronicles is an appreciation for the beauty in food and in the world around us, for cooking seasonally and eating […]

Hurricane Snapshot

Here’s something to cheer y’all up while we wait out Hurricane Irene: Aloo gobi with mint-cilantro raita over steamed jasmine rice Click here to view a large-size version of this […]

Aloo Gobi

Aloo translates to “potato” and gobi means “cauliflower”, therefore “aloo gobi” means “potato and cauliflower curry”. Most restaurant versions of the dish come out to carbohydrate-laden sludge. Homemade is better […]

Cauliflower Curry

The template for this recipe is simple, and need not contain what’s in the ingredient list. You can include whatever you’ve got on hand or what’s available in season or […]