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Summer Snapshots

Here’s some random snapshots from this weekend. Vegetable and fruit food photography were taken at Union Square Greenmarket, located in Union Square, Manhattan. It’s my farmer’s market, and it’s open […]
Summer Snapshots

Spring Greens

The method detailed in this recipe is probably my favorite way to cook vegetables of all kinds — broccoli, potatoes, beans, carrots, squash, zucchini, spinach … the list goes on […]

Vegan Snapshot

Green bean and kale bihari masala, basmati brown rice Adapted from this Diner’s Journal entry at The New York Times. I make this quite often in the summer and autumn. […]

An Updated Classic

The taste of early spring spinach often reminds me of the description of rapunzel in the fairy tale of the same name. Tender leaves of a fantastically GREEN vegetable that […]

Saturday Market

“Through winter-time we call on spring, And through the spring on summer call, And when abounding hedges ring Declare that winter’s best of all; And after that there’s nothing good […]

…Out Like a Lamb

What a difference a month makes, eh? Earlier this week we had torrential downpours and today it was in the mid-60s. A few weeks ago it was the tail end […]

Beans and Greens

Braised kale and heirloom beans, with tomato-basil sourdough croutons and poached farm egg 1 1/2 cups cooked beans (1) 1 cup bean cooking liquid unsalted butter 1 large onion, skinned […]