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Patate e Porri

This is a winter version of Fagiolini e patate, one that substitutes leeks for green beans in the linked recipe. If you don’t have leeks, you can use other winter […]
Patate e Porri

Pasta Primavera

Before I get to the subject of today’s post, I want to talk a little about one of my pet peeves that keeps occurring with some regularity, especially now that […]

Tuesday Snapshot

“Scallops, endive, leeks” Each was sautéed separately in French butter. The scallops had a little salt sprinkled on top, then were set aside for 5 minutes — before they had […]

Tuesday Snapshot

When I say that this food blog is partly about the beauty of food, I mean that sometimes all you need is a picture that tells a tale in a […]

Sunday Snapshot

Tagliatelle with wild mushrooms, leeks and cream The one thing that could make this better would be some ramps.

…Out Like a Lamb

What a difference a month makes, eh? Earlier this week we had torrential downpours and today it was in the mid-60s. A few weeks ago it was the tail end […]

Spring Preview

Assuming it doesn’t rain AGAIN this weekend like it’s been doing for the past two weeks, you’ll see a slew of posts in the next few days. Today was 68 […]

Recent Meals

I haven’t been posting lately because there hasn’t been much to post about. Sorry. A piece of broiled fish, a bowl of steamed rice and a plate of salad is […]