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Lettuce Snapshot

Green leaf lettuce, braised with French butter, shallots and morels This is an adaptation of this recipe using different vegetables (morels and shallots instead of baby squash, young onions and […]
Lettuce Snapshot

Salad Snapshot

Sucrine, cremini and chanterelle salad Sucrine is a French heirloom variety of lettuce known for its succulent sweetness and crisp texture. Substitute romaine lettuce if unavailable. The creminis and chanterelles […]
Salad Snapshot

Salad for Dinner

Sometimes “rabbit food” is what you want for dinner. *wink* Spring lettuce salad with salt-and-vinegar Roseval potato chips, roasted shallots, hard-cooked farm egg and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

Photo Chronicles, Part 2

Just a short collection of food photography I’ve taken over the years. Enjoy. Pastrami sandwich Scrambled eggs, with crème fraiche, lobster and lobster roe Tomato risotto, with tomato confit Sea […]

Sunday Snapshot

Hiyayakko tofu is a popular Japanese dish made with chilled tofu and toppings. It is usually eaten in the summer. There are two kinds of tofu used in hiyayakko: kinugoshi […]

Inspiration From San Francisco

Roast chicken is extremely economical. One bird can theoretically provide dinner for nearly a week, especially when you’re cooking for one person. For example: Sunday: Roast chicken Monday (tonight): Roast […]

Midsummer Bounty

Some pix from this morning at Union Square Greenmarket. Some of what you see in this post will appear in meals throughout this week’s menu. Strawberries — Simple is best […]