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Sunday Snapshots

Insalata Caprese This is not a traditional version, but rather my own interpretation. This contains slow-roasted Jersey tomatoes, along with chopped heirloom tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, basil, sea salt, black […]
Sunday Snapshots

Saturday Snapshot

Sorry for the drop-off in posting, as I haven’t been feeling well lately. Hopefully this pic will make up for some lost time. This was shot a couple of weekends […]

Eat Your Vegetables

When I was growing up, I hated vegetables with a passion, or for that matter, anything that was garlicky, spicy or remotely unfamiliar. Fast forward thirty years and it’s like […]

Hurricane Snapshot

Here’s something to cheer y’all up while we wait out Hurricane Irene: Aloo gobi with mint-cilantro raita over steamed jasmine rice Click here to view a large-size version of this […]

Saturday Market Gallery

I think vegetables have an inherent beauty that most people usually don’t see, because it’s not something that they’re attuned to. Hopefully when you look at some of these pictures, […]

Monday Snapshot

Sometimes meatless is the way to go. Indian vegetable plate Top — Red-bliss potatoes, fried in clarified butter with black mustard seeds, cumin and dried curry leaves Bottom — Dry-fried […]

Salads For Dinner

Lamb’s quarters, also better known as pigweed, is a lovely spring green that when cooked has a flavor reminiscent of spinach. For tonight’s appetizer course, it’s paired with chopped Campari […]